Top 5 Tools for Businesses

More and more young people are starting their own businesses and becoming entrepreneurs rather than working for other people in an office. This has become easier as businesses can manage, promote and staff their entire businesses online. Tools and websites are constantly being created by clever developers who want to get in on this market and provide other entrepreneurs with the facilities they need to make their businesses run more smoothly.

Here are five of the top tools being used by businesses today.


This is a team management tool. Many teams work remotely these days, and can be composed of people all over the world. Technology is bringing teams closer together and allowing them to communicate with each other in a closed environment. Slack is just one of these tools and is one of the most popular. It includes fantastic features, such as the ability to set up different chats with different people, the ability to set up private chats, and the ability to set up team chats which are shared amongst the team members that you want to see them. The tool allows you to include Emojis in chats, which may not seem important to some, but to a generation who have grown up on Emojis, this is part of their language, and a pretty vital way of communicating emotions and expressions. Slack can help improve productivity, and can allow teams to get to know one another better when they are unlikely to meet in person.


dapulse is a modern project management tool that allows businesses to monitor and progress their business plans and work timelines. An entire team can be invited to look at the data, and specific members of the team can be assigned to specific workstreams. The interface is user friendly, and very easy to become quickly used to. Project elements can have documents uploaded to them, notes assigned to them, cost assigned to them and much more, allowing your business to keep track of what’s going on.



This is one of the newest video conferencing software programs on the block. Like skype, it allows your team to communicate with one another over video. You can have several users all joining the chat at the same time, which helps you to put together team meetings with remote team members, video conferences with clients, and one to ones. A basic plan is free and can host up to 100 participants. Duration of group meetings are limited to 40 minutes however.


buffer allows you to manage your social media accounts with one, easy to use interface. Social media plays a vital role in businesses nowadays as it helps them manage their customer relationships. One of the main ways that businesses attract, engage with and maintain their customer relationships is through facebook, twitter, pinterest and the likes. buffer allows you to schedule posts so that they can be released at the perfect time, rather than having to go live during working office hours. You can also manage all of your social networks with buffer, so one post will go live across all of your chosen accounts – saving you bags of time. A basic account is free, but will only allow you to manage one social platform. For just $10 you can manage 10 social accounts though, so well worth upgrading.


If you are out on the road as part of your job, you will be aware that one of the biggest time-wasters is traffic. As you are at the wheel, you can’t just get your notes out and start working, but have to concentrate on the road, and sometimes hours can be lost as a result. Waze is a community based traffic app which allows users share information about traffic – giving you the best chance of missing traffic jams and opportunity to plan another route.





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