The 3 Most Highly Anticipated Tech Releases of 2017

Each year there are a number of tech releases that people simply can not wait to happen, and 2017 is no exception. Whether it is a new smart phone, video game console, the latest mac or pc or or a new gadget, we all love to get our hands on a new bit of tech. Here are three of the most hotly anticipated tech releases that are planned for later in 2017.

Apple’s Next iPhone

Apple is almost like a cult these days and whatever product they are releasing will be surrounded in mystery with rumours flying around the globe at the speed of light. The smart phone giant are rumoured to be releasing a new iPhone later in the year but will it be the iPhone 8 or will it be called something different? It is coming up to 10 years since the iPhone first took over the world of telecommunications and with such an important anniversary own the way, you can bet that Apple will be wanting to mark it some something extra special.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla electronic car company have taken the world by storm and it is clear to see why. The cars they make look simply stunning, are great for the environment and are not actually half as pricey as you may have thought. The Model 3 is due to hit the roads later this year and there will be many rushing to get their names down on the waiting list to get hold of one of these bad boys.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Not to be outdone by Apple, Microsoft will be realising a new surface laptop later in the year which is set to be hugely profitable for them (not that they need any more profits). Launching this June, the laptop is their flagship model to come with the Windows 10 operating system, so if you are a Microsoft fan, this is definitely one for you.

Galaxy Note 8

After the PR disaster that Samsung had when the previous model of the Galaxy Note started spontaneously bursting into flames all over the planet, they will no doubt be hoping that this latest model does a little bit better for them . Th Galaxy Note 8 (if that’s what they will call it). will be hitting the shelves at some point during August or September 2017.

Andriod O

Google’s Android operating system has almost taken over the world of smart phone software since it was release, and this means that many people will be waiting for the new Android update with baited breath. Big software updates like this affect millions of people all over the world, so lets hope that the new release it stable and improves on its predecessor.

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