What Should You Do With Your Old Smartphone?

A lot of people like to upgrade their smartphone every two years when the contract is up for renewal. It is very easy to be tempted by the latest new handset, and every year the networks come up with enticing new offer to get us to sign up again. The problem is that we can soon end up with a collection of old phones that we don’t have any use for, even though they may be fully functional.

So rather then letting your old handsets fester in a drawer somewhere, here are a few things that you might want to consider doing with them.

Use It Only For Music

If you have a docking station or a Bluetooth speaker in the house, why not keep your old phone to use only for playing music in a particular room? The kitchen is one room where people always seem to gravitate to at a party, and what could be better than having a selection for music right at hand for those very circumstances? You may not have a functioning SIM card in your phone any more, but as long as it can still connect to WIFI or Bluetooth, you are ready to go.

Donate It To Charity

There are many charities that will happily take your old smartphones from you, especially if they are still working and are not too old. Giving to charity is a very worthwhile thing to do and whether they sell the phone or give it to a needy person, you will be helping to make the world a better place if you take this option.

Recycle It For Money

Over the last couple of years, you can’t have failed to notice the huge number of adverts everywhere asking you to recycle your phone. The truth is that your old phone, whether working or not, still has a monetary value, and there are plenty of companies who will happily pay you for it. Just a few of the most well known ones include Money Magpie, Envirophone and 02 Recycle. Make sure that you shop around to get the best deal though, and also remember to check out reviews as you want to make sure that you are no being ripped off by anybody, especially since you are posting your phone off in the post.

Friends & Family Members

Everyone has that one friend or family member who is so stuck in the past with their phone that they might as well be commu8nicating with people by fax. If you know someone like this, why don’t you do them a favour and offer them your old one? It’s true that you probably won’t get any money for it if you take this route, but you will be doing them a huge favour and you never know what the good karma will do for you.