Apple iPhone 6 Review

The new iPhone 6 32gb smart phone was released in March 2017, two years after the previous model, but does the latest incarnation of this popular phone stand up when compare to its predecessors?

With a spec fairly similar to the old iphone, the new model has a rear 8 mega pixel camera and a front camera with 1.2 mega pixels. There was a rumour that the phone was fitted with a 1.8 processor rather than 1.4, however, that is not the case, only the storage space is different.

Although the camera is not to to the mark with the current Android phones, it still takes a very good picture, and unless you are a serious photographer, I can not see it being an issue.

Shipping with the latest IOS 10.2, the phone is sleek and slender and is everything that we have come to expect from Apple. It has all the sensors that you would expect such as fingertip recognition, gyroscope, proximity sensors, compass, barometer and just about everything else.  It has to be said that q lot of the alternatives on the market at the moment will not be fitted with as many censors as Apple have crammed in here. The inbuilt health app that the phone comes with makes use of most of this technology, and can measure how many flights of stairs you have climbed, how far you have walked, how far you have cycled and much more.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 6 32BG is much like the rest of the smartphones on the market, i.e. not brilliant. You might just get a full day of use out of it before it decides to give up the ghost but if you are a heavy user then you will more than likely be running out of power before nightfall.

The phone does feel slim, although it does not feel flimsy. Apple have got the right balance here and with early worries about bending out of the way, it seems that yet again this will be a popular product throughout the second half of 2017.

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